Meet GameWay: DFW’s new airport game lounge

Flying just got a lot more fun. Whether you’re a Dallasite waiting to take off or just passing through on your layover, DFW Airport has unveiled its first-ever lounge dedicated to playing video games.
June 12, 2024

Gameway is a next-generation video game lounge offering an immersive gaming experience in Terminal E. This sleek and modern lounge boasts an expanded range of luxury gaming stations, industry-leading amenities, comfortable seating, large monitors, and services that will take your airport experience to the next level.

Feeling hungry? The perks here go beyond gaming — in addition to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC games, you can also grab snacks and beverages to enjoy while you play.

DAL_gameway_video_game_lounge_june_7_2024The Gameway lounge features luxury seating and large monitors for gameplay.

“Gameway asks, ‘Why wait when you can game?’” said Emma Walbridge, Co-Founder of Gameway. “Technology never stands still, it is constantly changing, and so are we. As innovations emerge, we upgrade our gear to provide the most immersive experience. Our cutting-edge and ever-changing environment aims to entertain passengers of all generations. Our modern, tech-forward design attracts the avid gamer, our retro zone brings a piece of nostalgia attracting the casual gamer, and our convenience appeals to all. We are thrilled to open our Gameway Ultra store in DFW.”

Sit and eat at the video game lounge
The Gameway lounge includes an area for guests to sit and eat

Gameway has six locations in airports including HOU, CLT, and LAX with plans for expansion to several other airports across the US.